Hot Summer: Keeping the Weekend Cool!

Saturday Art Gallery (GOMA) Excursion!

Colour me poka dot!

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 Sunday Sunshine Coast Beach Tour –> Currently sunburnt…..



Brisbane International

Brisbane International – Mens Single Quaterfinal (Federer (win) vs Duckworth) and Females Single Semi-final (Sharapova (win) vs Svitolina) @ Pat Rafter Arena.

The mens game didn’t go for long but oh well we got to see Federer play!!! The female single match was more exciting.

Here’s some action shots from the match using my new 210mm lens:-

IMG_638820150109_191653_MG_4165_MG_4195    _MG_4177_MG_4215IMG_6390 _MG_4237_MG_4241   _MG_4270 _MG_4271 _MG_4276