Wednesday Tea Break

Afternoon Tea at Region with Eonni (Korean: Big sis)IMG_0555IMG_0552

Good CappuccinoIMG_0554Orange White Chocolate Raspberry CakeIMG_0553Pecan Caramel Tart


Science Post: The Walking Corpse

A recently published article by the New Scientist – “Back from the dead: Reversing walking corpse syndrome”. The title really caught my attention and I found quite interesting, so I have decided to share with everyone.

The scope: Imagine being alive one moment and dead the next and alive again….. 0_o

For the full article check out –>

Beach vs Scientific Conference

It has been a while since my last posts. Here’s an update of what I’ve been doing.
In the past days I was at a very exciting and informative conference near by the beach. So with the only spare times I had, I went to the beach as much as I can even I’m not in the water but at least I’m on the beach.
First night, went for a walk and there it was full moon and beautiful scenery.
 Next morning, got up early and went for a walk again. Even though it was early but the sun was right up and very warm nice weather. Wish I was free to go swimming/ tanning (tisk tisk).

The Gatsby

Labels: Asos beaded mid length dress / Alan Pinkus gold sparkle shoes / Asos gold coin earrings / Colette gold sparkle clutch / Unlabelled black hat, long black gloves & gold cigarette holder
Another Great Gatsby inspired outfit but this time we are going all out with the hair accessories, long black gloves and long gold cigarette holder.