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Southbank: Spanish and Avenger

2015-05-25-07-34-13_deco  2015-05-25-07-33-28_deco

Wouldn’t be a celebration without freebies~~ >3<

IMG_9087 (4)

Baked Eggs and Cake Brunch

2015-05-25-07-35-50_decoIMG_9076IMG_9092IMG_908720150524_123314IMG_9126IMG_9098  2015-05-25-07-41-58_deco

Tea Time with Kates!

IMG_9185 (2) 11136628_426269044222362_7046332606727955071_n

Surprise Delivery (love my Gerberas <3)

  IMG_9084IMG_9185 (1)

Cocktails & Fireworks

  IMG_9090 (3)  IMG_9094 (3)  20150522_193927

IMG_9115 (3)      IMG_9099 (3)

Comfort At My Table Brunch

  IMG_9135 (2)IMG_9144 (1)

Greek Festival


Found the best honey puffs of the day after three trials 20150523_17443920150523_173154 20150523_172719


Hawaii O-Four V: My Hawaii Style

Shopping in my jumpsuit from Dish, H&M sunglasses and Iconic sandals


Diamond Head hiking in top from Melbourne shopping, Country Road shorts, Tommy Hilfiger cap and New Balance joggers


Waikiki Beach

White lace long outer from Melbourne boutique, H&M pink bikin top and random black bottom

IMG_8033  IMG_8084

Off to Hanauma Bay again in my Melbourne boutique purchase crop and Brisbane boutique shorts with Victor’s Secret bikinis + H&M coconut tree sunglasses + Gap hat + zebra Crocs

20150331_045839 IMG_8114 IMG_8120 IMG_8149 IMG_8193 IMG_8195

Sunset cocktail in Guess denim dress, Gap strip flats and Coach bag

IMG_8232 IMG_8250-1

Twin Island with my new Victoria’s Secret Bikini #2

IMG_8556 IMG_8631

Gap dress and Forever 21 sunglasses with poka dot headband

IMG_8670  IMG_8701 IMG_8683

My yoga blues from Pink and Block Out


China Town excursion in my simple Forever 21


La’au – my spin on the tribal look in Banana Republic skirt and Gap top with the handmade headband and lei.

IMG_8925 IMG_8927


Sydney Opera Trip II: Our Asian Style

This is how we pack for 4 days trip


Day 1 – Our Street Style Begins with M.JU

2015-02-06-11-14-01_deco 2015-02-06-11-34-16_deco 2015-02-07-08-59-56_deco 2015-02-07-08-58-22_deco  IMG_6826

Day 2 – Morning Run with Nike & New Balance

IMG_6886 IMG_6885 IMG_6986 IMG_6895 1423266107574 IMG_6880

Roaming the City with the Basic Grey, Black & White

2015-02-08-00-37-24_deco IMG_6954

Day 3 – High Tea Attire (Refer to Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney for food post) with M.JU & Georgia C

2015-02-09-08-47-24_deco 2015-02-09-07-00-19_deco  2015-02-09-08-45-28_deco  IMG_7012 IMG_7076 IMG_7069

 OPERA!!! With my H&M and her you would never guess how much dress!

1423384165348 2015-02-09-07-07-38_deco 2015-02-09-07-26-28_deco  2015-02-08-22-16-53_deco 2015-02-09-08-38-47_deco 1423384252165 2015-02-08-22-12-44_deco 2015-02-09-07-22-32_deco IMG_7080

Day 4 – Botanical Garden, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tea Cosy & Museum Visits – The Yin & Yang Outfits

 IMG_7247 IMG_7255 IMG_7261  IMG_7240  1423461519375  IMG_7235  IMG_7276   IMG_7296 IMG_7214 IMG_7185 IMG_7208 IMG_7205 IMG_7317        IMG_7316        1423461333681IMG_7303

Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney

Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney – Starter The Opera House! ;P


Day 1: Four Course Lunch @ Quay

Highly recommend Quay if you’re looking somewhere fancy with good food and service to dine. The restaurant is situated along the river facing the Sydney Opera House – I would imagine it would be quite romantic for dinner.





2015-02-06-13-01-13_deco IMG_6813

1st Course

2015-02-06-13-10-40_photo 2015-02-06-13-11-00_photo

2nd Course

 2015-02-06-13-35-15_deco 2015-02-06-13-35-34_deco

3rd Course

20150206_135648 20150206_135700

4th Course – THE Cherry SNOW EGG (Right, Must try)!!!!

 2015-02-06-14-20-31_deco  2015-02-06-14-21-12_deco

  Breakfast @Tea Cosy – Too cute to not visit. As you walk into the café you can smell the hot fresh scones being baked in the kitchen….drool….

IMG_7206 IMG_7204IMG_6926 IMG_69241423276222331 1423276224625

Coffee @ La Renaissance by the Market

IMG_6900 IMG_6902      IMG_6909       IMG_6892

Mad Hatter’s High Tea @ The Westin Hotel – Another place with great service and food!

IMG_7019  IMG_7041   IMG_7024  IMG_7025  IMG_7036  IMG_7040 IMG_7054 IMG_7021

Afternoon Drinks @Quay Bar

 IMG_6996 IMG_6969 IMG_6973 IMG_6965

Dinner @Circular Quay Restaurant. Loved my Risotto!

IMG_7166  IMG_7165   IMG_7162

Chinese Cuisine @China Town. Yum Yum

IMG_6843 IMG_6871   IMG_6847 IMG_6869  IMG_6873 IMG_6844  IMG_6848

Breakfast @Restaurant Nearby Nurses Walk

 IMG_0453IMG_7193IMG_7196 IMG_7197 IMG_7198  IMG_7195

Hiding from the Rain @Sir Stamford Bar

   IMG_7222 IMG_72191423461450412

Extras: Scenery

 20150208_083420 20150208_085057 IMG_6869 IMG_6867  IMG_7169  IMG_7167

Let’s Talk Rings! Can You Match It?

Last week, got a very exciting project from Invaluable. One of the world’s premiere online market place featuring all sorts of rings, watches, antiques, collectibles…etc. They are looking for bloggers to be inspired by one of their rings and accessorize a look for it!

A classy and elegant look inspired by Genuine 8.50 ctw Emerald & Diamond Jewellery Ring with 14K White Gold (Lot: 8845)


Perfect statement ring and outfit for a fancy high tea date, dinner or upcoming Christmas functions….

 The monochrome outfit was designed to bring out the colour of the green gemstone of the ring. To match the colour, green earrings and clutch were included to complete the look. If you put the whole look together people wouldn’t have guessed where they even came from.

 How to replicate the look:-

1. Target strapless structured (corset like, pleated top and wide bottom) midi dress

2. Betts black stilettos

3. ASOS green, gold and silver earrings

4. NARS silver black nail polish (Night Breed)

5. Cat eye sunglasses (a bit of  Breakfast to Tiffany’s)

6. Link silver necklace

7. Sportsgirl clutch

8. Napoleon Rouge Lipstick (Madrid)


The next look will take us from classy end of spectrum to the party end! Inspired by Ramon Teixé 1873-1926 Ring with bust, early 20th Century, which I call it “Party with Rockin Ramon Teixé” ;p.


This is more of a free spirited look not so matchy matchy! It’s more of rock fusion party fusion quirk fusion rustic!

How to replicate the look:-

1. Cotton On black crop

2. Blue and white skirt from Chapel Street Melbourne

3. H&M bronze studded black point short boots

4. H&M bronze crosses

5. H&M earrings

6. ASOS round sunglasses

7. Chanel black nail polish (219 Black Satin or any black nail polish)

8. La Biosthtique bronze lipstick  (G316 Sparkle Brown)


Hope you guys like them xoxo

Heated G20 Long Weekend

14th – 16th November G20 Meeting, a public holiday for those work within the Brisbane district. So long weekend for me! The weather in Brisbane has been crazy hot…..and so the beach and pool it is 😉

Friday – Burleigh Head at the Gold Coast with Jamie and Roger

IMG_3742 IMG_3744IMG_3747IMG_3745

Saturday – Something Healthy

Riverside running and granola muesli yogurt breakfast @ Riverbar Kitchen  with Tiffany


Sunday – Pool Time and Chester Street Brunch


Chester Street Bakery and Bar, Chester Street Newstead with Rhiannon, Fenny and Marie Anne

Another reason to go there is to check out their donuts – listed as one of the best donuts in Brisbane by Urban List .

Great interior!


Highly recommend Avocado Toast with Fetta for savoury breakfast- Delicious!


If sweet breakfast is preferred – white chocolate honeycomb, mascarpone hot cake would be my pick

IMG_3762   IMG_3768

Rhiannon got a jam donut and it wasn’t too sweet. The jam was real… like you could see bits of strawberries in it. Moreover, the dough wasn’t too sweet either and the outside wasn’t covered with sugar excessively. So you didn’t feel gross after eating it:) xxo