Merry Christmas!!! xo

Merry Christmas Everyone! Pressie opening time – couldn’t wait till Boxing Day :p! x



Osaka 大阪

Location: Osaka Construction, Osaka

Camera 360

Labels: UniQLO Beige Jacket / Forever 21 short jacket / H&M scull scarf / Floral headband from Korea / Wanted black long boots

Visiting Osaka Construction!

日本の旅 の 京都 (Kyoto)

After 3 nights in Tokyo, we are off to Kyoto for a night taking Shinkansen using our JR pass.

IMG_1210Camera 360Camera 360

Exploring around our Ryokan


 Our Ryokan, Ohanabo where our fancy dinner and breakky was served to us and bed were made for us. Love!! Everyone were so friendly also! Definitely recommend.

Kyoto Tower


Next morning, we went to visit Fushimi Inari-Taisha 伏見稲荷 where the Japanese fox goodness lives. Again breath taking sceneries.

Camera 360

Camera 360



日本の旅 の 東京 (Tokyo)

Narita 成田 Airport to our Hotel



Exploring Tokyo 東京 night



A place we go almost few times a day to shop lol- 薬 – for cosmetics and clothing spray that’s why Japanese people’s clothes smell so nice.IMG_1113IMG_1591 IMG_1039Camera 360

At Nishi-Shinjuku 西新宿 Park – Aki

Camera 360Camera 360

Camera 360


 Harajuku 原宿 – Cosplay, shopping and BARBIE shop.DSC03833IMG_1147IMG_1148IMG_1167DSC03835

Meiji Shrine 明治神宮 – very pleasant and relaxing while walking through towards the shrine accompanied by different scenery and objects. It was the first time to any shrines in Japan so we follow crowd and washed our hands and month before entering.  As well as 祈る of course! What an experience!



Pretty Scenery near Akasaka 赤坂


Ginza 銀座 – Went exploring around Ginza did a bunch of shopping – the mirror building is a perfect place for fashion photos! Only if I had more fashionable clothes on -_- kakaka


Asakusa (浅草) – With streets and streets of eating and souvenir buying as well as a shrine near by. IMG_1563IMG_1626IMG_1627IMG_1550IMG_159520131205_155613IMG_1643

In summary, our main goal was achieved – did touristy things, eat lots and buy lots.






Aki 秋

Location: Nishi-Shinjuku, Japan

Collage 4

Labels: GU green jacket with fur / UniQLO green jumper / Style Tiba blue jeans / Converse black and white / Kate Spade bag

A nice morning walk at Shinjuku park with beautiful yellow and red falling leaves.