Sydney Opera Trip II: Our Asian Style

This is how we pack for 4 days trip


Day 1 – Our Street Style Begins with M.JU

2015-02-06-11-14-01_deco 2015-02-06-11-34-16_deco 2015-02-07-08-59-56_deco 2015-02-07-08-58-22_deco  IMG_6826

Day 2 – Morning Run with Nike & New Balance

IMG_6886 IMG_6885 IMG_6986 IMG_6895 1423266107574 IMG_6880

Roaming the City with the Basic Grey, Black & White

2015-02-08-00-37-24_deco IMG_6954

Day 3 – High Tea Attire (Refer to Sydney Opera Trip I: Eating Sydney for food post) with M.JU & Georgia C

2015-02-09-08-47-24_deco 2015-02-09-07-00-19_deco  2015-02-09-08-45-28_deco  IMG_7012 IMG_7076 IMG_7069

 OPERA!!! With my H&M and her you would never guess how much dress!

1423384165348 2015-02-09-07-07-38_deco 2015-02-09-07-26-28_deco  2015-02-08-22-16-53_deco 2015-02-09-08-38-47_deco 1423384252165 2015-02-08-22-12-44_deco 2015-02-09-07-22-32_deco IMG_7080

Day 4 – Botanical Garden, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tea Cosy & Museum Visits – The Yin & Yang Outfits

 IMG_7247 IMG_7255 IMG_7261  IMG_7240  1423461519375  IMG_7235  IMG_7276   IMG_7296 IMG_7214 IMG_7185 IMG_7208 IMG_7205 IMG_7317        IMG_7316        1423461333681IMG_7303


Neon-ista: Light Up The Night

Hanging out with my Neonistas @Neon Run: Light Up The Night. Fun night!

5km NEON run starting from the Botanical Garden with 6 Neon Zones, Neon Gateway & Stunning Lighting Effects on Course.

With DJ, Neon Dancers & Entertainment On Stage. Neon Face Painting, Merchandise, Selfie Zones, Sponsor Displays, Food Vendors & Bar.

2014-10-18-20-35-33_photo2014-10-18-18-53-32_photo2014-10-18-18-56-35_photo2014-10-18-19-05-27_photo2014-10-18-19-36-22_photo2014-10-18-19-38-33_photo2014-10-18-19-09-04_photo 2014-10-18-19-15-00_photo      IMG_2427       IMG_2445