Festive Spirits: Sugar Coma on Plates

21 more days to go……. Got our X’mas spirit ready! X’mas Party!

Favourite part was not the alcohol but the Krispy Kreme Donut Buffet, scientifically speaking – tons of lipids and disaccharide on a plate. >.< Still ate it!

IMG_7254IMG_7267 IMG_7262 IMG_7263IMG_7280 IMG_7264 IMG_7266   IMG_7274



Heated G20 Long Weekend

14th – 16th November G20 Meeting, a public holiday for those work within the Brisbane district. So long weekend for me! The weather in Brisbane has been crazy hot…..and so the beach and pool it is 😉

Friday – Burleigh Head at the Gold Coast with Jamie and Roger

IMG_3742 IMG_3744IMG_3747IMG_3745

Saturday – Something Healthy

Riverside running and granola muesli yogurt breakfast @ Riverbar Kitchen  with Tiffany


Sunday – Pool Time and Chester Street Brunch


Chester Street Bakery and Bar, Chester Street Newstead with Rhiannon, Fenny and Marie Anne

Another reason to go there is to check out their donuts – listed as one of the best donuts in Brisbane by Urban List .

Great interior!


Highly recommend Avocado Toast with Fetta for savoury breakfast- Delicious!


If sweet breakfast is preferred – white chocolate honeycomb, mascarpone hot cake would be my pick

IMG_3762   IMG_3768

Rhiannon got a jam donut and it wasn’t too sweet. The jam was real… like you could see bits of strawberries in it. Moreover, the dough wasn’t too sweet either and the outside wasn’t covered with sugar excessively. So you didn’t feel gross after eating it:) xxo