Musical Inspired Melbourne Trip: Food

Last of Musical Inspired Melbourne Trip from last weekend – Of course it’s going to be about food!

From Nov 2014, I decided I must try the Hopetoun Tea Rooms which I missed out last time with the massive line up. This time I did a Cake away – Raspberry & Apple Crumble and Passionfruit Meringue tart pls! On the same day (Friday) I revisited now my absolute favourite macaroon shop @Le Belle Miete , Hardware Lane as well as KoKo Black.

IMG_6529 IMG_6532IMG_6538

Cold Summer Morning in Melbourne on Saturday, got my scarf, boot and coat on – ready to take my 1hr 30mins walk to Saint Kilda for Breakfast with Marta!


Have to say Lunar Park is pretty scary looking when it’s closed~~~


Had a delicious savory breakfast and hot coffee then off we went for dessert already

IMG_6576IMG_6574 IMG_6583IMG_6580IMG_6581

We had vanilla slice and Strawberry tart – all freshly baked everyday and throughout the day, YummoIMG_6582

To burn off those calories I walked back to the City….then I ate crepes with homemade caramel …..IMG_6540

Rainy Sunday morning went to ST. ALI for Breakfast with Mich Ael! Coffee Recommend!

IMG_6606IMG_6602 IMG_6603IMG_6604IMG_6548

Last day of Melbourne went to Hardware Societe for breakfast and had their special of the day, Fresh mango, cocnut French toast and a cup of latte.  Then, to Chapel Street for Burch and Purchese Melbourne Tennis inspired dessert.

IMG_6768 IMG_6769

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio

IMG_6770 IMG_6771 IMG_6773

Just chilling and enjoying the view before going back to BrisbaneIMG_6779 IMG_6783



Lucky Sunday: National Brownie Day: Dello Mano

Lucky day! I was procrastinating from uni work today…. so I decided to go for a walk to Dello Mano @ Newstead since everyone was raving about their brownies. And yes they were indeed delicious! On top of that it was National Brownie Day and they were giving away 16 piece box of Dello Mano brownies by lucky draw. Of course I put my name down for the draw and won delicious brownies from Dello Mano!


I not only, not have to do work but on top got to enjoy all these delicious brownies. The atmosphere of the café was very chilling perfect for a Sunday arvo wind-down and staff were very lovely.

2014-12-07-15-29-09_deco 2014-12-07-15-29-37_deco  IMG_74522014-12-07-15-33-01_deco

Happy National Brownie Day! xo

Heated G20 Long Weekend

14th – 16th November G20 Meeting, a public holiday for those work within the Brisbane district. So long weekend for me! The weather in Brisbane has been crazy hot…..and so the beach and pool it is 😉

Friday – Burleigh Head at the Gold Coast with Jamie and Roger

IMG_3742 IMG_3744IMG_3747IMG_3745

Saturday – Something Healthy

Riverside running and granola muesli yogurt breakfast @ Riverbar Kitchen  with Tiffany


Sunday – Pool Time and Chester Street Brunch


Chester Street Bakery and Bar, Chester Street Newstead with Rhiannon, Fenny and Marie Anne

Another reason to go there is to check out their donuts – listed as one of the best donuts in Brisbane by Urban List .

Great interior!


Highly recommend Avocado Toast with Fetta for savoury breakfast- Delicious!


If sweet breakfast is preferred – white chocolate honeycomb, mascarpone hot cake would be my pick

IMG_3762   IMG_3768

Rhiannon got a jam donut and it wasn’t too sweet. The jam was real… like you could see bits of strawberries in it. Moreover, the dough wasn’t too sweet either and the outside wasn’t covered with sugar excessively. So you didn’t feel gross after eating it:) xxo