Hawaii O-Four I: Aloha~~ Shopping

Hawaii O-Four titled for our Easter Hawaii trip at the beginning of April!

Fenny and I arrived at O’ahu (third largest island of Hawaii), Honolulu  international airport at 6am.


Off we went to our hotel in style, a limousine.     IMG_7790

As tired as we were from an overnight flight check in was only available at 2pm – so what can we do? So we went straight to shopping @ Ala Moana Center. It is the largest shopping mall in Hawaii and 15th largest shopping mall in the US.

One of which Victoria’s Secret (bottom Waikiki store) – after the first day I’m pretty sure we went there for 5 more times in our 9 days trip.


The next day we shopped again @ Waikele Premium Outlets. More than 50 outlet stores including Guess, Coach, Calvin Klein and many more with huge discounts.

IMG_7892 IMG_7895

Oopps…may have brought too much given that it’s only Day 2.



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