Presenting Desh Kay by Deshna Karan

Desh Kay by the talented Deshna Karan

Deshna invites you to follow her new journey through fashion blogging, production and private projects.  Stay tuned on and her upcoming blog. A fashion and lifestyle blog, with lots of kawaii pictures of eating, drinking, sewing, sewing….. and final products…..etc


Here’s a peek of her very cool and fashion forward:-
 Effluvium – Summer ’15/16 Collection
Description: The collection derives from the roots of pain and agony. The torture a paranormal medium must go through to expel the story of a vengeful spirit or lost member. The ectoplasm that is released from one of the many orifices of a medium is released in such a way that the shape can be beautiful. Easy flowing, light, yet at the same time, dark and brusque, Effluvium delves into the conceptual side of a taboo practice held during a séance. The hi-low hem lines and high-waisted pants all depict the fact that something unknown to mankind is trapped and wishes to be released from the inside. Small details such as the high collars and bishop sleeves relate back to the romantic period in the 19th century when séances were more commonly practiced. A woman wearing any one of these designs would be sure to mesmerise an entire crowd.
Model: Deena L

10429401_325568804277230_8390314250684643960_n10686599_344739512360159_8841424863150614509_n 10603216_344739442360166_4212310859104322373_n  10711099_344739482360162_5212982710889660395_n

If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to e-mail Deshna on:



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