MBFF Day 3 – Brisbane Arcade Group Show

27th August, Day 3 of the glamorous fashion week. Annie V and I checked out the Brisbane Arcade Show. With Queensland’s biggest couture and most celebrated fashion joining the show including Daniel Lightfoot and Irma J Smith House of Fashion.  These additions to the show will join the Arcade’s other stellar designers, Bora, Maiocchi, Pia du Pradal and Tengdahl. Closing the show we have Darb Bridal Couture dazzling and beautiful bridal dresses! Stunning! Another great night @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival xo

What I Wore: Labels: The Latin Shop orange navy strapless top / ASOS blue straight pants / Colette blue necklace / Kate Spade orange bag + no brand clear clutch / Nast Gal black heels


In front of my Mercedes in my dreams


With Blogger of I Dream of Colours Theresa Chung!


Annie V


The Show


2014-08-27-21-40-55_deco2014-08-27-21-39-06_deco 2014-08-27-21-39-38_deco

After snack~~ Keeping it Classy ;p




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