David’s 5 Course Degustation

Five Course Degustation, Thursday @ Restaurant Two

Beautiful restaurant with excellent customer services and delicious food. We had a friend with seafood allergy (2nd course), so they kindly changed the fixed menu for the 2nd course from Soft Shell Carb to a nom nom beetroot dish. Planning to go back to try the 10 course menu sometime!!!


Entrée 2014-08-14-18-57-47_deco

1st Course2014-08-14-18-56-32_deco2014-08-14-18-56-51_deco

2nd Course2014-08-14-19-15-08_deco2014-08-14-19-16-46_deco

3rd Course  – Sweetbread (thymus)2014-08-14-19-33-18_deco

4th Course 2014-08-14-20-05-53_deco

5th Course2014-08-14-20-28-56_deco




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