Ekka – Famous Strawberry Sundae

Ekka (Royal Queensland Show) is an annual show of Queensland held at the RNA Show Ground. The show runs over 10 consecutive das, attracting approximately 400,00 visitors. A range of competitions, exhibits, educational displays, animal and performances are used to showcase Queensland culture, produce, resources and initiatives. Furthermore, there’s also sideshow ally, SHOWBAGS pavilion, STRAWBERRY Sundae, rides….etc and a range of entertainment including nightly fireworks displays.

 Last Sunday a number of us went to Ekka to volunteer at the Strawberry Sundae Stall (details below), we had brunch and off we went to Ekka for the fun stuff before starting our 4pm shift.

 IMG_2595 IMG_2597

Showbag Pavilion IMG_2598

Off we went to volunteering at Stall#5! Selling Ekka strawberry sundaes fundraising for health and medical research at The Prince Charles Hospital.2014-08-10-19-12-36_deco

Our very enthusiastic front servers (excuse the blurr)2014-08-10-17-23-27_deco

The production Line2014-08-10-18-12-06_deco2014-08-10-17-23-44_deco    IMG_20140810_2007352014-08-10-19-46-26_photo

End Products 2014-08-10-20-28-23_deco2014-08-10-20-30-21_deco

Enjoying our end products after hours of work ^.^       2014-08-10-20-47-46_deco  2014-08-10-22-58-11_deco

The Faces of Strawberry Sundae Stall#52014-08-10-19-58-05_deco

Playtime! Rides & Fireworks! Ekka Night!

2014-08-10-21-32-37_deco  2014-08-10-21-26-32_deco  2014-08-13-19-35-58_deco 2014-08-13-19-55-47_deco


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