The Plave Fashion Show “April in Paris”

Went to The Plave FASHION SHOW (Plave is a Fashion/Cultural Blog) held by The Total Brisbane French Festival to celebrate the coming Bastille Day (French public holiday) today with Marie Anne, Annie & Rhiannon. The show took place on a luxury The Kookaburra River Queens boat at South Bank. Designers Isabella Longginou, LUCID The Label, DYANI & BEGITTA from Australia present a collection on the Theme “April in Paris”. All the garments presented were displayed on PLAVE and everybody were able to buy them.

Would love to own all those garments, they were so gorgeous and some are so cute epically those by LUCID The Label and DYANI!


My crosses stockings!


Zipia black lace dress with pointy boots


Plave Fashion Show


Decoration on the boat was fitting with theme of Flower blooming April in Paris.IMG_2494IMG_2492IMG_2516IMG_2522IMG_2528

Don’t we all love selfy moments :pIMG_2532IMG_2530IMG_2539



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