Birthday Feast II: Repas d’anniversaire francais

24th May! My Birthday! First we out to The Burrows for breakfast at Westend, then Marie Anne, Rhiannon and I went to a nearby market for last minute grocery shopping for Repas d’anniversaire francais (French dinner).

We ordered Rivendell (left, toasted granola with seasonal fresh and poached fruit, yogurt, milk and honey), The Nirvana (right, thick-cut fruit and nut toast with ricotta and honey) and my Wookie waffles (Darth Mulberry, mulberry, dark chocolate and sweet ricotta). We were very satisfy with our sweet breakfast! ❤


Off to Westend Market for flowers and fresh baguette for Sat night French DinnerIMG_2139IMG_2145IMG_2141

What I wore & got: Maroon collar top / Toby Heart Ginger maroon shorts / gift: Karen Walker marron bag / Sunglasses Random / H&M strip jumper / MRP gold horse necklace / gift: Chanel sunglasses

2014-05-24-08-46-45_deco2014-05-24-11-26-28_decored col

Spend the rest of the afternoon decorating and cooking with Marie Anne and Htet Htet.

The French Dinner Party (Four course feast)IMG_2158IMG_21722014-05-24-18-29-30_deco

Apéritif:Tomatoes and carrots dip with cream with drops of lemon and herbs and Wine2014-05-24-18-32-21_deco2014-05-24-18-54-51_deco

Entrée: Toasts with goat cheese and honey 2014-05-24-18-46-00_deco

   Marinated salmon with lemon 2014-05-24-18-39-18_deco

Plat Principal: Cheese fondue (savoyarde) + bread + broccoli + potatoes + ham2014-05-24-18-55-28_deco2014-05-24-19-01-26_deco

         Roti + patates sautées 2014-05-24-19-16-47_deco

 Dessert:  Charlotte vanilla chocolate 2014-05-24-20-23-37_deco

          Tarte tatin with vanilla ice-cream2014-05-24-20-54-29_deco

Strawberry with Lyntt Chocolate Ball Pot2014-05-24-20-48-02_deco




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