What! Is ONLY Tuesday! Snack!

Somehow it feels like the end of the week already but TRUTH is ONLY Tuesday -_- *sigh~~~

What can make it better? Answer: glucose (sugar) and endorphin releasing agents (chocolate). So we went to the newly opened Chocolateria San Churro near by. Regardless of my comments it was still a good decision to go there, feeling energised and fully charged. This would most probably be lost by tomorrow morning. 😉IMG_0728Truffle Bumba: The tiny dessert was quite delicious but must say slight pricey for so little.IMG_0729Crema Y Fresa: Creamy strawberry not too sweet just perfect. FAVORATEIMG_0733Choco Banana Sundae: Overall, the sundae was nice but I would have preferred more ice-cream and less greasy churro.IMG_0734


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