Melbourne Cup: Let The Race Begin

Melbourne Cup Races on 5th Nov, Tuesday.

Location: Elixir Roftop Bar


My gorgeous fellow LAB RATZ!! Beautiful collection of hair pieces and accessories ❤



Love the fashion! Without planning with each other what we were going to wear we manage to all colour coordinate.

My lovely Blue and Pink Ladies: Mel, Helen, Katrina, Rhiannon, Denisa, Kelly & Ashley.



Let the races begin and champagne going!


The very famous Djokovic shot (Mel’s secret special recipe…sh…). Delicious!


Briefly about Melbourne Cup for those who don’t know, the Cup is the biggest horse racing event in Australia held in Melbourne. Apart from horse racing and betting there’s also of course fashion! The race used to be held on the first Thursday in November each year, in 1875 it changed to the first Tuesday.  Except during the Second World War 1942, 1943 & 1944, was held on a Saturday.


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