The Great Gatsby Party Look

Another Great Gatsby inspired outfit but this time we are going all out with the hair accessories, long black gloves and long gold cigarette holder.
Stay tune for the professional photos too!
Labels: Asos beaded mid length dress / Alan Pinkus gold sparkle shoes / Asos gold coin earrings / Colette gold sparkle clutch / Unlabelled black hat, long black gloves & gold cigarette holder
~Behind The Scene~

 Photographed By Paul
Styled And Make Up By Rae B (Blogger of Girl with Curls)
Dress Kindly Sponsored By Katrina K
Make up! Touch up! Before start up
Stylist Raelene with her bags.
Behind the glamorous photos there’s stress and sweat. It was a hot Friday today in Brisbane. With make up and hair done we (including few others) had to catch a bus to the photo shoot venue due to occurrence of some confusion.  So we waited and waited, then we uncovered that the bus we planned to catch had broken down. As a end result we had to take the bus that drops us off ~15mins away from the venue.
Of course to entertain ourselves – Photo Time!  The very thin coat is for protecting the beads from rubbing off when I’m my big bag. Yes it was very sticky and hot with it on but must say it somehow went well with the dress in a more dress down sense.
Not very happy me
 Again backward story telling ^.^
 ~The End~

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